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My Dogs


 Breed Record Holder  44Ccs

Ch Ravenstone Hattie  

owned and loved by my late father , Mr Fred Pickup

My parents and I bought our first "elkie" in 1960. He actually turned out to be a Keeshond/German Shepherd cross but had so many Elkhound likenesses that when he was tragically killed, we went searching for "the real thing"

Pabrisil Dagny (Tina) in 1963 and soon after Pabrisil Elga were our introduction to the show ring. Their breeder Mary Chadwick had a very simple way of checking out new owners. She seated us in the living room and then.......turned the pack loose. They leapt over the sofa and onto laps;  exuberant bundles of fur, licks and wriggles. Mary just watched our reaction. We passed the test. Only then were we allowed to see the puppies

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At the Bridge

Tina   Elga  Cass  Jori

     Tina             Elga                  Cass                Jori


Penny  Loki  Dean  

     Penny            Loki             Sean               Silky

Our Present Dogs


Quali   Poppy  

           Quali                                       Poppy                                             Sky


Our Stars; those once in a lifetime dogs.

Cass (Ch Llychlyn Callan               Heidi, Ch Ravenstone Hattie



Paintings by Norderhove

click link above for information and examples

I also do watercolour and acrylic paintings of your pets or your family. Price dependent on size and number of figures. Contact me for a quotation. 

I will keep you updated throughout the process with emails and photographs as  the work progresses.





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