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Poppy Poetry


Poppyís Tale  

I was playing with my sisters 
When these people came to call 
They played with me and petted    me
I didn't mind at all.

But then they put me in a car 
And took me from my mum. 
I cried and barked and called her  

But she said she couldn't come.      

I felt sick on the journey 
But this young boy petted me.
And soon I felt more comfy
As I slept upon his knee.       

They took me to a new house
Where there were no dogs at all.
I was thrilled a few weeks later 
 When my mummy came to call.

I told her how exciting 
I found this big new place
And when I showed her all my toys
A smile spread on her face.

The boy who cuddled me in the car
Has a smashing water gun
I like to chase the water 
And catch it, it's great fun.

I like to sleep on my mum's bed
I help her wash her hair
I try to help her shower  But she says NO! 
It's not fair.

I help her do the washing
She puts socks in just for me
Then I run away with them
And mummy chases me.

I know I missed my sisters
But there's one thing I must say
m in charge of this new house
And I'm here to stay

Poppyís New Friend

 I told a few months back
Of how I came to my new home
The boy who loved to play with me
I never felt alone.

But when the boy goes off to school
There's only me and mum.
She can't play tag all the day,
She finds it hard to run.

Then one day all that changed
When we went out in the car.
I thought we'd see our friends.
It wasn't very far.

Imagine my amazement
When they opened up the door
And two new fussy Elkhounds
Tumbled to the floor.

The older one came home with me.
That night I shared my bed
And cuddled up to comfort her
The way my instinct said.

At first she wouldn't play my games.
I started to despair,
So I gave her all my toys
And told her we could share.

But now she's settled down
And, although she steals my food,
She'll play and chase around with me
(When she's in the mood!)

The other was a baby
And she often comes to play
So now I've loads of company
It's great that way!

Poppyís First Birthday

It's been a funny day today,
It's really puzzled me.
I've had lots of extra cuddles
And Tuna for my tea.

I've played with Westie Suzie
And both my lab boyfriends
It's been absolutely great
I don't want the day to end.

But it really had me puzzled,
'Till I heard my mother say,
"Happy Birthday darling"
I'm ONE today!!!!

Poppyís Christmas

Iíve had turkey to eat
Iíve had carrots and meat
Iíve had trifle (just small)
And mince pie (crumbs and all).

There were parcels and presents
Under a tree
And my nose quickly told me
There was something for me.

Thereís been paper to tear up
And crackers to fight.
Strange drinks to make me sneeze
And a tree with lights.

But that was last week
And  now itís gone quiet
And I donít understand
Why Iím on a DIET


That Operation

I havenít wanted to eat for months.
Kept feeling vaguely sick.
So mum took me to the vet
Who was really pretty quick
To decide what was wrong with me
Said hormones were to blame.
I had to have something done to me
Just canít remember the name.

I love my friend Ginny the vet
So I really wasnít worried
When one morning very early,
Off to the vet we hurried.

Every time Iíve been before
Sheís made a fuss of me
And then Iíve come home with my mum
Just in time for tea.

But this time was different
ĎCos my mum went away
And left me there.
I was so scared!

Next thing I remember
I was feeling tired and sore
And pleased that mum and William
Were waiting at the door.

Iím home now feeling better
But I have a dreadful itch.
And lots of my fur is missing.
Mum says the itch is a stitch!

I havenít got to play at all.
I mustnít run about.
I mustnít jump the garden wall
Or chase the squirrel out.

I have to wear this awful thing
That goes right round my head.
I canít see my football in it
And I have to wear it to bed.

But Iíve discovered something
Thatís pretty good fun.
If I bash this collar into mumís legs
You should see her RUN!

Serve her right!!!!!!


Poppy and the Vacuum cleaner

Iím grown up now my mummy said,
I have to toe the line.
Thatís fine by me as long as she
Gives me what is mine.

By that I mean the pair of shoes
That sits beneath the chair.
The ones I like to play with
When mummy isnít there.

I mean of course the biscuit ball
I chase across the floor.
And when I throw it in her lap
She knows I want some more.

I also mean the plastic things
That big boy leaves around.
I canít see why he shouts so much
When I show him what Iíve found.

The furry dog in the box is mine
And so is the one on mumís bed
And all the brushes in the porch.
Itís fun to bite their heads.

Tonight I found the greatest thing.
It had fallen on the floor.
I knew immediately what it was,
It was mine I knew for sure.

Each day mum brings a monster out
From the cupboard under the stair.
She pushes it round the carpet
And it eats up all my hair.

I try to tell it off each time
Though mum says I must not shout
But as soon as I saw this thing on the floor,
I knew without a doubt

Sheíd left it down there just for me
So I chewed it up real fast.
So now the monster wonít make a noise.
Iíve eaten its nose at last!

Time flies

It's such a long time since I came to live here
In human years, seven or somewhere quite near.
I remember the journey and missing my mother
I remember the day when they got me another
Elkhound to play with. She was such fun.
We loved to give chase and just run, run and run.
Then my mum came to live not too far away
And I got to see her so that we could play.

As the years have gone by, so much has altered.
But the love of my family has never faltered.
Now the boy that I played with has turned into a man.
He went away last year but visits when he can.
I'm thrilled when he comes back and we cuddle and love
I rub my head into him and give him a shove 
So that he falls over then I grab on his clothes
And can sit on his tum and snuffle his nose.

My partner in crime has now grown much older .
She's slowed down a lot but still gets bolder and bolder.
I saw her steal food and mum thought it was me
But the next time I barked for mum so she could see
I wouldn't do anything like that because I'm good.
Well I can't say I wouldn't if it was really tasty food!
Quali and I still play chase occasionally
but she's' sneaky and waits where she thinks I will be.

In the years I've been here we've seen all sorts of places
We've been to the sea and loads of other neat places.
We've met lots of people and been to some shows
But best of all I love to go out when it snows.
I do love my vets who I greet  with wags and wiggles 
and laugh when they all get a fit of the giggles
I've even been to University to visit with Will.
His flat mates are fun but the kitchen would make you ill.

I guess I got older as well as my pal
I ought to slow down but I doubt that I shall.
I like all the changes, it makes life such fun
As long as car journeys are not overdone.
I love all my family; I'm everyone's friend
And I hope that my time here will never end.
But my favourite place as it ever will be
Is to snuggle and cuddle by my mother's knee.
Poppy's Christmas visitor
My grandma came for  Christmas lunch and
Her young sister came through the door
Grandma's 97 and hers sister's 94
I have to be very careful not to knock them down 
As both are a little unsteady and would look at me with a frown
I haven't seen gran for ages ; 
she now lives where there's a cat
So I'm not allowed to visit
"NO" mum said; "That's that!"
So I made the most of her being here
And showed her all my new toys
And tried to make her play 
without making a noise. 
I sat by her at lunchtime
Because she drops all sorts of food
I promise I didn't steal any,
I was very very good
But I really had to go and hide when
They put  crackers on the table.
I ran and hid under mum's bed
 as fast as I was able.
(I hate the things).
Quali wasn't bothered
I sometimes think the old gal's deaf 
But I wouldn't dare to say it
 except under my breath.
But I got to sit by the table while
 Quali was sent to the hall
She's not allowed any titbits
And didn't like that at all
(She sulked all day!)
I wish gran could visit more often 
But it's hard to get in a car
I'd love to go and visit her
It's not all that far. (darned cat)
She whispered she aims to reach  100
I'm not sure what that means
But I think  it means she will still play with me
Mum says she's  still full of beans.
(I thought she ate turkey not beans)


Oh my goodness!
Oh my goodness what have they done?
We went for a ride in the car.
We stayed overnight then I got such a fright
When I found we had gone so far.
Oh my goodness, what have they done?
We called at the place I came from.
I remembered the gate where I used to wait
But now my mum had gone.
Oh my goodness what have they done?
We went in and I saw a cat
It pawed at my hair and I jumped in the air
But I didn't mind after that.
Oh my goodness what have they done?
Mum showed me what she called a puppy pen
There were lots of these little things all with teeth
I wasn't at all keen on them.
Oh my goodness what have they done?
We set off for home the next day
But in the back seat in a box at their feet
Was one of those "things" that stayed there all the way.
Oh my goodness what have they done?
They even took it into MY home
It peed one the floor then ran out of the door.
I swear in one day it had grown!
Oh my goodness what have they done?
It seems this thing's here to stay.
They called it Sky , you should see it fly 
When it thinks that it wants to play.
Oh my goodness what have they done?
It's bitten my neck and my feet
It's stolen my toys and makes such a noise
When all of us would like to sleep.
Oh thank goodness I know what they've done.
It's been here two weeks and I'm glad
It's learned what I say and its' great fun to play
I don't think it will be all that bad.
  Poppyís Puppy
Well sheís here and it looks like sheís staying;
The puppy they brought home in Spring.
The first couple of weeks were a nightmare
Teaching her NOT to eat everything.
She woke at all sorts of strange hours
Had all of us at our wits end
She ate carpets, my toys and the flowers
And drove us all right  round the bend.
But slowly I think that sheís learning
What can and what shouldnít be done
When to sleep, when to play and go ďwalkiesĒ
And sheís slowly becoming quite fun.
She weed in the hall and the kitchen
Mum would kill me if Iíd done that.
She chewed up dadís shoes and a blanket.
Some socks, some plants and a hat.
But she now understands what NO means
And rarely does anything bad.
Sheís even stopped eating my toys 
For which Iím eternally glad
She greets everyone with big kisses 
And washes their ears and their face
She lays on my back in the mornings.
I think itís her favourite place.
Sheís big enough now to play with .
We spend hours just messing  around
While we chew on each others faces
And roll about on the ground.
Sheís showed me the  things that  I used to do
When I was so young and so small
Iíd forgotten about plant pots and bottles
And how to play chase with a ball
So all in all I consider that
I just might let her stay
Providing she sleeps till about 8
And providing she continues to play